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   Articles Under The Category ( Encouragement )
Title : I am Blessed To Be A Blessing By : Denise Boggs
For You make him to be blessed and a blessing forever; You make him exceedingly glad with the joy of Your presence. Psalm 21:6 Amp. It is God that makes us to be blessed! David said in Psalm 21:6, that God actually makes you to be blessed. He makes or rather He prep ... (Read full Article)
Title : Resistance is NOT Futile! By : Lester Young
When you read all the good things God has promised us in His Word, and understand that all those promises are "Yes!" and "Amen!" to us through our Lord Jesus Christ, it's normal to get kinda stirred up. You see things you can have, things you suddenly find out that it's ... (Read full Article)
Title : FEAR NOT - There is Nothing to FEAR, Except Fear itself. . . By : Rev.Ted
What is it that We are Afriad of? To the well-informed believer and educated disciple of Christ this would not apply, because there is no reason for fear anyway! Especially in reference to the coming inevitable trials and tribulations of this world (what some commonl ... (Read full Article)
Title : What is Your Destiny? By : Denise Boggs
You guide me with your counsel, leading me to a glorious destiny. Psalm 73:24 (New Living Translation) A personís destiny is connected to identity which has already been determined by God. He has chosen each of His children and called them to carry out a special pur ... (Read full Article)
Title : Resurrection of the Dead By : CK Quarterman
In a vision, I had a grandstand seat view of the Resurrection of the Dead. Itís a short story I will share. I was driving down the road on a calm sunny day, when all of a sudden I found myself looking into heaven, at the Father Himself! He was sitting upon a large ... (Read full Article)
Title : Freeeeeee! By : Lester Young
Let's talk for a moment about freedom. It's a commodity so precious that words can hardly describe it. People who live in this world without it dream of and yearn for freedom; while those of us who have it Ė all too often Ė take it for granted, barely recognizing its ... (Read full Article)
Title : Will God Still Use Me? By : denise davis
The weapon of choice for the Devil is to show us our mistakes and failures over and over. How many times have you been told to let go of the past but yet you find yourself thinking about those things that still causes you to feel hurt, shame, and pain. It seems like it ... (Read full Article)
Title : What to do when you feel like quitting. By : Pastor Duke Taber
What to Do when You Feel Like Quitting I don't know about you, but many times in my life I have felt like just giving up. I was feeling hopeless and helpless. It is during those times that the bible has been a lifesaver to me. I know that the bible is not always look ... (Read full Article)
Title : A New Beginning By : Denise Boggs
"I the Lord have called thee in righteousness, I will hold thine hand, and I will keep thee. ...Behold the former things are come to pass and the new things do I declare before they spring forth I tell you of them." Isaiah 42:6-9 I knew the Lord had told me that He ... (Read full Article)
Title : What do you do when you donít know what else To Do? By : Lester Young
Have you ever been in a situation where youíve done everything you know to do, yet youíre still in it? Youíve done everything you possibly can, everything thatís within your power Ė and now youíve come to the end of your rope. Youíre probably familiar with the old exp ... (Read full Article)
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