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   Articles Under The Category ( Encouragement )
Title : All Of Godís Blessings And Promises Are Yours! By : Pastor Reinhard
When the Holy Spirit begins to reveal to you the abundance of Godís blessings and the fact that you are good enough the way you are right now to receive all of Godís blessings, then you will be set free from all condemnation once and for all. In this article I can only ... (Read full Article)
Title : God Is A Good God And He Wants To Show His Goodness To You By : Pastor Reinhard Westphal
Every Christian that I know of beliefs that God is a good God. But how does Godís goodness affect our daily walk with God? How does the goodness of God help us in living the Christian live day in and day out? In this article I am going to show you five blessings that fl ... (Read full Article)
Title : The Number One Secret On How To Get What You Need By : Pastor Reinhard Westphal
What is this amazing secret? Have you tried all kinds of tutorials? Have you spend lots of money attending seminars and buying books and tapes? In this article I will reveal this amazing secret on how to get your needs supplied right here and right now and absolutely f ... (Read full Article)
Title : Donít Worry? Your Needs Are Supplied By : Pastor Reinhard Westphal
God needs your needs to supply your needs. The Apostle Paul makes this absolute fantastic statement: ďMy God shall supply ALL your needs!Ē That was not Paulís wishful thinking. No! That statement was inspired by the Holy Spirit himself. I hope you believe that. The ... (Read full Article)
Title : How to break free from the guilt of your past By : Pastor Reinhard Westphal
God has a great future planed for you, but you will not be able to fully enter into it if you don't break free from your past. God wants you to leave your past behind you and focus on your future with courage, hope and great expectations! God is serious about setting yo ... (Read full Article)
Title : Through Godís Goodness Your Sins Are Forgiven Part I By : Pastor Reinhard Westphal
For many years in my life I just could not accept that God, by His grace, mercy and goodness had forgiven all of my sins. There was always this dark cloud of my past sins hanging over my head. I begged for His forgiveness for the same sins over and over again. As a resu ... (Read full Article)
Title : Through Godís Goodness Your Sins Are Forgiven Part II By : Pastor Reinhard Westphal
In the first part of this two part series we talked about how, because of Godís goodness, all of our sins past, present and future are already forgiven through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross. I showed you how you can get rid of you feelings of guilt and cond ... (Read full Article)
Title : What do avoid if you are looking for a vital relationship with Jesus By : Pastor Reinhard Westphal
Is Jesus just a believe system for you or do you have a vital and living relationship with him? Many people know about him, study him but they are missing a personal and living relationship with him. In this article I will show you four approaches that you have to avoid ... (Read full Article)
Title : What does it than mean to turn your eyes upon Jesus? By : Pastor Reinhard Westphal
It means to recognise the reality of our invisible God Father, Son and Holy Ghost and the Lordship of Jesus Christ. When we look to Jesus in our daily circumstances, our failures and our victories, we acknowledge that we depend on Him, that we need Him and that we want ... (Read full Article)
Title : Christian Fellowship Is All About Relationships Within The Body Of Christ By : Pastor Reinhard Westphal
Christian fellowship within the context of the church means identification with the Body of Christ. Identification with the Body of Christ is all about relationships with other believers. To be a Christian does not only mean to be a believer in Christ. To be a believer ... (Read full Article)
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