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  All Articles By The Author ( Lester Young )
Title : Resistance is NOT Futile! By : Lester Young
When you read all the good things God has promised us in His Word, and understand that all those promises are "Yes!" and "Amen!" to us through our Lord Jesus Christ, it's normal to get kinda stirred up. You see things you can have, things you suddenly find out that it's ( read entire Article)
Title : Freeeeeee! By : Lester Young
Let's talk for a moment about freedom. It's a commodity so precious that words can hardly describe it. People who live in this world without it dream of and yearn for freedom; while those of us who have it – all too often – take it for granted, barely recognizing its ( read entire Article)
Title : Addition by Subtraction By : Lester Young
Not a new idea, to be sure. As a matter of fact, if you were to do an in-depth study, you'd find that it's a central theme throughout the entire Bible. What the heck am I talking about? Well, let's consider it in a couple of different contexts. Take seeds. What d ( read entire Article)
Title : What do you do when you don’t know what else To Do? By : Lester Young
Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve done everything you know to do, yet you’re still in it? You’ve done everything you possibly can, everything that’s within your power – and now you’ve come to the end of your rope. You’re probably familiar with the old exp ( read entire Article)
Title : The Double Portion By : Lester Young
It's obvious that the Lord Jesus Christ had an absolutely phenomenal ministry when He walked around here on earth. Miracles of healing and supernatural multiplication abounded through Him – even dead folks being brought back to life. But, as amazing as His exploits un ( read entire Article)
Title : One Spirit By : Lester Young
"He that's joined to the Lord is one spirit [with Him]" (1 Corinthians 6:17). Have you ever wondered just how that is, how it works? What it looks like – how God's Spirit and ours could actually be physically united (though I guess that would be an oxymoron; but I coul ( read entire Article)
Title : What does "Being Spiritual" really Mean? By : Lester Young
Have you ever found yourself thinking that you're just not "spiritual" enough? Oh, sure, you know you're saved and believe that Jesus is always with you, abiding in your heart (Matthew 28:20; Hebrews 13:5). Yet, sometimes, even that truth will conjure up questions in ( read entire Article)
Title : A Friend...with Benefits! By : Lester Young
It happens all over this earth, billions of times every week – and daily, for many. The weekend's over, and you pry your eyes open early Monday morning to face a depressing new day and workweek. Drudgery awaits. As soon as you get to work, you can't help but to longi ( read entire Article)
Title : Stop Worrying, Already! By : Lester Young
Ever wonder where money's gonna come from? And how it's gonna to get to you, especially when up till now it seems to have made a conscious decision to stay away from you in droves? If you're exercising faith toward God in the area of finances – and you definitely shou ( read entire Article)
Title : The Miracle of Complete Forgiveness By : Lester Young
Have you ever felt like you've missed it so badly, or messed up things in your life so thoroughly that there's no way God could ever – or would ever want to – do anything with you again? I kinda think that if you're breathing, you've probably wrestled with it at some p ( read entire Article)

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