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Title : The Shaking of the last days By : Jeff Rowland
Without a doubt we are living in the last days. We have heard those words so much that we have almost become callused to it. However, the things we are witnessing around the world points only to the soon return of the Lord Jesus Christ. Even a casual student of the Word of God would have to acknowledge that fact. Looking forward to His return can give us hope in this life, but understanding what God is doing in these last days can give us strength to live with confidence in the power of God, and in a constant state of renewal.

We want to take a look into what God is doing in these last days. I believe we are in the beginning of sorrows as Jesus taught in Matthew 24, and simultaneously we are living in the beginning of one of the greatest stirrings of Godís Spirit that has ever been on the earth. It is with this perspective that we look at the Word of God for His last day instruction and guidance as to how we continue on in this life.

What God is doing in these last days has effect on every aspect of life in terms of people, the earth and heaven. Understanding of this can lead you to great victories while lack of understanding can lead you to hopelessness, and despair. Many in these days seem to have no spiritual energy at all. Most are approaching these days with the attitude that they need nothing more than what they now have in God. The problem is that what God is doing in these days will effect even those who seem satisfied with the status quo in their lives.

Itís my prayer that these words will touch you in a way that will cause you to chase Jesus once again in your life, to run after Him with all your strength. I trust that God anoint what the Spirit is saying to those who read it?

About the Author:

Jeff Rowland is an evangelist, preacher, and teacher. He will be sharing regularly about Last Days Revival on his blog at: JeffRowlandMinistry.com

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