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Title : Look for the Rainbow! By : Alexis Smith-Byron
Are the trials of life getting you down? Money troubles? Spouse issues? Parenting? Just remember even in your darkest hour there is a rainbow shining bright. Just look up!

I was riding in the car the other day on my way to pick up my daughter from school, when I happen to look up in the sky ahead and I saw a rainbow peaking through the clouds.
It was just glowing with magnificent colors. I pointed it out to my mother who was in the car with me but she could not see it. I could not understand why she could not see it because I could see it so perfectly. Then I realized something, I had on a very dark pair of sunglasses. I Then took the sunglasses off and to my amazement, I could not see the rainbow very well at all. So I gave the sunglasses to my mother to see if she could see the rainbow with them and she was able to see it very clearly.
Then a sobering thought began to materialize within as I began to realize I had my own dark clouds hanging over my head.

When we are going through our trials of life it is a very dark moment in our lives. We seem to lose hope and forget we have a God who is very near to us and who cares about every aspect of what we face day to day.
When I see a rainbow it reminds me of the covenant God made with us and with all life on the earth. A covenant not to destroy the earth and every living thing by flood ever again.

I wanted to understand deeper how that relates to my life today so I began to think about the promises in the Bible that pertains to the trials we face I recalled in the book of Isaiah, it states that as the covenant he made with Noah about the flood, so is his covenant to us. He will not take away his peace nor will his unfailing love for us be shakable. (Is 54:9-10)
He acknowledges that we were in a storm but then goes on to promise restoration and a future.
A promise to build us into a strong solid people, valuable and precious. (Ish.54:11-12)
A promise for your children to be taught by the Lord and to have great peace. (Is 54:13)

I really love the way that the Lord uses every circumstance we face in order to sum up the proper focus we should have. “Righteousness”.

Isaiah 54:14 states that "In righteousness you will be established.

Isn't that really what it’s all about. To be obedient to God and to humbly walk with him? When I see a rainbow, I have to remember that It is God I serve and in God I believe, and God will love and take care of me as he promised.
I encourage you today, to look for the Rainbow! In the darkest hour God's love will shine brighter and he will take care of you!
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