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Title : Josephs Storehouse: The need to Prepare By : Donna Miller
Joseph’s Storehouse: The need to Prepare

My family has been preparing for many years now. More than 15 years ago, my husband received what he called a “Preparation Call” from the Lord. At the time it made very little sense, but today the need to prepare is a common discussion.

Recently, we had 2800 pounds of food delivered for an orphanage in Haiti. We received another 500 pounds of wheat and oats for our area Grain Co-op and then received another 550 pounds of Organic Grains and Beans for our Millers Grain House inventory. It's all in a holding pattern at the moment and we are overflowing with grains here at Millers Grain House!

Yes - my husband's name IS Joseph....we aren't storing up for seven years of famine (yet) but it sure looks like it!! Funny how he is so supportive of my passion for milling and teaching others to mill (as we are actually named Miller) and he's always been about preparation for when the Return of Messiah comes and the need to store for those in need (as he is Joseph) it only dawned on me how all that fit the other day - and it's been over 24 years we've been like this! We serve an amazing Lord! Glad we don't have to have a CLUE and He can still work out His Plan!

I am often humbled by how well pieces fit together in our lives without even our acknowledgement or involvement to make them fit. Often, for me, they fit best when I actually am out of the way and resting in the arms of my Father. I can just know and rest and really that's all I have to do.

Just look at Joseph's Dream...Adonai gave it to him....and the Plan was fine without Joseph having to tweak it! He has prepared the Plan and He's done fine without me worrying, figuring or manipulating - being still, resting is all I have to do. Who am I to think my plan is better.

Listen to what the Lord is telling you, and follow His plan for your life. It may not make sense today, but He alone knows the outcome – and will work out the details if you simply surrender to His call.

About the Author:

Donna Miller is a teacher, author, and dollar stretching expert and is the founder of Millers Grain House in North Carolina. She shares a daily blog and teaches people how to prepared for difficulties called Grain Store House.

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