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Title : Five Ways College Can Help You Answer Your Calling By : Leigh Anne Giblin
You may know exactly what God is calling you to be in the world. Or maybe you\'ve got some idea of your gifts and you\'re searching for the right way to turn those talents into a career.

No matter where you are in answering your calling, you\'ll find the resources you need to bring your dreams to life in college. From teaching new skills to helping you find a job, college will clear a path between you and your goals. Rather than going it alone in the workforce, consider these five ways college can help you answer your calling.

1. You Will Find Your Place

It\'s called discernment: the process of listening for and learning the particulars of God\'s plan for your life. And there are few places better than college to discern your call, to learn where your gifts and talents can fit into the marketplace and mission field.

Skilled college counselors help students select majors and careers that fit both the student\'s personality and the needs of the modern workforce. Professors, experts in their fields, can see potential you didn\'t know you possessed to use in professions you may not realize exist.

Answering your call begins with discerning just what that call is, and the right college will help you hear God\'s voice clearly and show you how to more efficiently follow His plans for you.

2. You Will Acquire the Skills You\'ll Need

What will you need to meet the particular, professional demands of your calling? Maybe you need an expert skill set designed to service the latest technologies. Or maybe you require a nimble mind, practiced in the sorts of creative and critical thinking needed to address a constantly changing world.

Whether your calling requires specific, technical know-how or a broad grounding in classical disciplines, your college should equip you with what you need to succeed in your career field. With a college education, you arrive at your job ready to add experience to your already ample training.

3. You Will Gain Faith for the Journey

When you attend a Christian college, you\'ll not only grow intellectually, gaining skills and knowledge to succeed in the workplace. You\'ll also grow spiritually, receiving an education in the foundations of the Christian faith. Pairing the right skills with a strong grasp of God\'s truth makes for a powerful combination in answering your call. You\'ll possess both the qualifications you need to seek out job opportunities, along with the Biblical wisdom and spiritual maturity to navigate your career and life.

4. You Will Become Well Connected

So you\'ve learned the skills you need to answer your call. And with your new credentials in hand, you\'re ready to set out into the world and put your newly honed gifts to the test. How do you find a job?

Along with the career resources of your college, you\'ll find an impressive, informal source of job leads from the network of contacts you make in college. From fellow students to professors to alumni, your college community can point you to opportunities you will not find on job websites. And after you\'ve worked your way up the ladder, your college network will be the ideal source of new recruits for the team you manage.

5. You Will Never Walk Alone

Jesus inspired his disciples with these words: \"For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.\"

A college experience a Christian college experience such as is found at Regent University, for example will embolden your heart to overcome the challenges you\'ll face while answering your call. When your burden feels too heavy to carry, the faculty, staff, and students of your college will help you keep your eyes on your final destination and see you through to your goals.
The path of your calling is one you need not walk alone, and indeed you will find more joy, more freedom, and more passion when you walk it with a college community.
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