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Title : Evidence from the Science of Physics Supports Supernatural Design By : Gerry Burney
Particle physicist John Polkinghorne (Cambridge University), along with Nobel Laureate Abdus Salam (Theoretical Physicist, Cambridge University), Brian Josephson (Nobel Prize in Physics), Nobel Laureate Murray Gell-Mann (research that led to the discovery of the Quark), and Physicist Bob Russell, at a series of conferences at Oxford University (as reported in Discover Science magazine – March 2011, pages 48-52), have raised serious questions as to whether an intelligent designer is the only explanation for the unexplained aspects of Physics today. Polkinghorne states, “Physics asks how the world works, and when it answers that question it finds a very deep, marvelously patterned order. But, it doesn’t explain where that order comes from.”
Examples of the unexplainable in Physics include the mysteries of the “uncertainty principle” at the subatomic level with regards to quantum physics, as well as the mystery of “chaos theory” to explain large scale events (the cosmos). Einstein was the first to show that time is not absolute. There is no universal clock, which means science cannot identify what mechanism is controlling events in our space/time continuum. Quantum physicist Antoine Suarez (Zurich) states that, “There is no story that can be told that can explain how these quantum correlations keep occurring…you could say the experiments show that space time does not contain all the intelligent entities acting in the world, because something outside of time is coordinating the photons’ results…there is strong experimental evidence for accepting that non material beings act in the world.”
The science of Physics admits the universe we see began in a supernatural event they call the “Big Bang.” This event is supernatural because, as any textbook will tell you, “At the very beginning, the laws of Physics were suspended” (meaning supernatural). These men are attempting to understand why there seems to be evidence for an intelligent entity being behind the day to day activities of both the subatomic world, as well as the cosmos.

A great many people find “Science” to be a very perplexing subject, indeed. But, in order to understand science, we must first have a basic FOUNDATION for scientific things, such as the Big Bang, and physics. We must have these in order to understand the basis for the subject. The reason that most Physicist, Nobel prize Laureate’ don’t understand the Bible and the reasoning of the Creator, is because they do NOT have a grasp on the thoughts of God. To come to a firm understanding, get the book Science, Origins, and Ancient Civilizations Right here!
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