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Title : Drug Rehab By : Tom Thompson
Along the way, most people encounter interruptions in their life journey. Some may be short and easily overcome. Still others may be lethal in nature. When addiction strikes, the consequences are unpredictable and bear a very high risk. When it comes to substance abuse, it may not even be the abuser’s fault when chronic addiction sets in.

Nobody sets out to become a problem drinker, to be addicted to black tar heroin or become hopelessly hooked on his or her nighttime sleep medication. However, few families escape the burden of having a loved one who suffers from drug or alcohol abuse. For the fortunate the prospect of entering a drug rehab may be a life-saving option.

Pacific Hills Treatment Centers, Inc. understands the dilemma families face when confronted by the reality of drug use. They are a preferred drug rehab center that caters to the special rehabilitation needs of every addicted individual.

For over 15 years, Pacific Hills has offered alcohol treatment and drug rehab services by providing a variety of in-patient and out-patient structured programs tailored to the unique needs of the individual.

The caring staff of certified, skilled professionals administers the most sophisticated treatment techniques, medical services and drug rehab protocols available. Through lectures, workshops, group therapy and individual counseling, Pacific Hills educates their clients about the physical, psychological, emotional, relational and spiritual implications of long-term substance abuse. Thus, their comprehensive approach addresses the illness as it affects the whole person. Previous to discharge, each client is equipped with a relapse-prevention program that provides insight and techniques to counter the inevitable triggers to relapse.

After graduating from the primary care drug rehab program at Pacific Hills, each client is provided with the opportunity to enter a follow-up “transitional care” program that extends their training and allows for adequate preparation for re-entry into society.

No one else understands alcohol addiction like Pacific Hills Treatment Centers. It is time you get your loved one back.
Drug and alcohol rehab programs at Pacific Hills Treatment Centers have been designed to offer comprehensive dual diagnosis addiction treatment in a variety of forms to meet the spiritual, physical, and psychological needs of each individual. The drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs offered by Pacific Hills are not only Christian based rehab programs, but also traditional rehab programs for the individuals who are at a variety of different stages in their faith and relate to God based on their own interpretation. This approach allows Pacific Hills Treatment Center to relate to those looking for a faith based drug and alcohol rehab program to grow in their recovery from addiction as well as their own spirituality. Pacific Hills Treatment Center also offers gender specific recovery programs proven to be a powerful approach to addiction treatment, placing individuals with members of their own gender promoting openness in their therapy and ultimately leading to recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism.

Pacific Hills is America’s premier Christian Drug Rehab Center offering Alcohol and Drug treatment

For more information on Drug Rehab visit Drug Rehab Center
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