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Title : Don’t Worry? Your Needs Are Supplied By : Pastor Reinhard Westphal
God needs your needs to supply your needs. The Apostle Paul makes this absolute fantastic statement: “My God shall supply ALL your needs!” That was not Paul’s wishful thinking. No! That statement was inspired by the Holy Spirit himself. I hope you believe that.
The question is: How does the Lord supply your needs? Just think about this: ‘God needs your needs to supply your needs!’ If everything in your life would be perfect. Why would you need God?
But when everything around you falls apart, when you are loosing your job, when your marriage is about to fail – then it becomes evident that you need a God who is able and willing to supply all your needs according to His riches in glory!
You see, that is why God sometimes allows the circumstances in you life to get out of control in order for you to experience and know Him as the one who is in control at all times. And that my dear friend’s is a wonderful blessing.
Why is it then that so many of us Christians are so often worried and full of anxiety? Because we are trying to control and manage our life’s ourselves. We think that we are able to meet our different needs with our own resources. For instance, when we are broke, we find ways to borrow money only to find out that we are digging ourselves even a bigger hole. We are falling more and more behind with our bills and payments.
And instead of trusting in God, who promises that He will supply all of our needs we try to do it ourselves. And what is the result? We worry ourselves to death, we become miserable, anxious and depressed. But God says to you: ‘Don’t worry, rejoyce! I am at work in your life!’ He says: ‘Let me prove to you that I am in control! Let me show you that I am more than able to supply all of your needs! I am the Lord your provider!’
My challenge and that of the Holy Spirit to you and me today is this:
When God allows a need to come into your life, even if he takes something away from you , when your comfort zone falls apart – please, don’t get angry or rebellious but understand that the Lord is in the process of doing something marvellous and very special in your life.
1. He wants to draw you closer to himself
2. He wants to bring you into a position of trust
3. And he is about to reveal himself to you as the one who is in control and as the Lord Jehowah-Jireh. The Lord your provider.
And that my dear friend’s is a wonderful blessing.
Let me take this even a step further. Have you ever prayed for something and God answered your prayers and granted your request? But then, all of a sudden thinks changed. The things that you received from him seem to disappear again? You don’t understand and you are confused?
Why does that sometimes happen in our life? Is there a way out of this circle of being happy on day and then worried out of your mind the next day?
In the Bible we find a wonderful teaching on this subject. Abraham, whom the scriptures calls the father of our faith, experienced this in a way we can not even imagine. This chapter in his life was so out of this world but it made him who his is to this day: the father of faith.
I would be more than happy to share this teaching with you. It will change your life forever. You’ll find the link to the audio file in My Spiritual Support Newsletter.

Pastor Reinhard enjoys practicing his gift of encouragement. His passion is to lift people out of a spirit of fear, guild and low self-esteem and to help them to enter into a life of joy and fulfillment through the riches of God’s blessings. Sign up for his “My Spiritual Support Newsletter” and get his free audio teaching on how to defuse your anger entitled: “The Jonah Virus” here.
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