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Title : Church Planter Training: Building Resourceful Communities By : Wesley
Many individual church planters and organizations work together and place Christian Scriptures and church planting training materials in regions around the world ever day. Each country and each culture require varying strategies because of the local challenges, so thorough training for new church planters can be crucial for success.

What Is Church Planting?

The process of establishing a new Christian parish, or church, is referred to as church planting. Church planting occurs all over the world; North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. The Bible League of Canada, for instance, has church planter training programs in Asia, Africa, The Middle East, and Europe.
How Does Church Planting Change Lives?
Church planters visit communities around to build churches, but they do not stop there; they work to build and strengthen the community with other programs. Scripture placement along with literacy programs for adults and children are a few of the ways volunteers outreach to the community. Building strong communities is a large portion of the work church planters provide around the world.

How Can I Help Church Planters?

Church planters are trained by organizations like The Bible League of Canada, teaching volunteers how to make the best and largest impact in communities. Not only do organizations like these train, but they also provide resources across the world to help strengthen the communities. By donating to church planting charities, your monetary donations go a long way to help a number of communities around the world. Online or phone donations often also allows you to specify which location you would like to donate towards. Donate today by visiting: http://www.bibleleague.ca/donate.php

About The Author:
The Bible League of Canada is a Christian Charity which transforms lives in 35 countries around the world.
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