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Title : Birthing the Blessing! By : Alexis Smith-Byron
I had gotten on the scale earlier in the week and I was shocked at how much I was over my normal weight. In fact I had progressively been gaining weight little by little over the last few months. Iím sure many can identify with weight control struggles. I really could not understand how I had gained so much weight.
It was Saturday morning, at the end of that same week, when I got on the scale again. This time it showed me 9lbs lighter. I thought (happily), it was very strange, because looking back I had not done anything that could attribute to that weight lose. Then the Lord brought to my mind my Writing ministry He has given me and how this week I started the Christian Voice blog; another vehicle to minister Godís word through the written word. God has brought it to pass. The birthing of His vision and purpose for me. As I share through this ministry. I give all glory to God for birthing His vision for my life and making it possible.

I thought it was really interesting, how it relates to what happens to a pregnant woman as she goes through her various stages until her time of delivery. Her body takes on physical changes.. She gains weight, she starts to have certain cravings, she goes through the struggle of her flesh adjusting to the sometimes uncomfortable side effects of pregnancy. But she knows it is all necessary in order to get to the fulfillment of the blessing, a beautiful baby. Once the baby is delivered there is immediate weight loss and the body takes on the necessary changes to support the child. Her life is never the same as she gains new purpose, new vision and a new ministry.

God has a plan and purpose for our lives. God himself imparts to us gifts and abilities to carry out those plans. Then he reveals to us and implants within those seeds of purpose and vision. As we go through our trials of life, God refines us and prepares us for the work we are to do. Once the vision is ready to be fulfilled, we must push through and travail. Through the labor pains of life, we cry out to God for his plan and purpose to be delivered and then the vision is birthed. God gives us the strength to deliver and that is where we have the manifested blessing of his plan and purpose, yes His vision for our lives.

is 66:7, 8, 9
All throughout the bible it states that as soon as Zion travailed she was delivered
When a woman is ready to deliver her birth pains come
Will he bring to birth and not deliver.

When a woman is pregnant she has to eat right, get plenty of rest, avoid harmful contacts, and prepare for the baby within. How many times have we looked at the blessing of a child as it relates to Godís vision within us? Do we remind ourselves when we go through the trials and sufferings, we are just getting prepared for the birth of the Vision? In this way, as a pregnant woman takes special care of herself and her unborn child, we are to take proper precaution to protect ourselves and the vision God has given us. First is keeping our spiritual life healthy. Having a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ is essential. Second, praying to God always and getting into the His Holy Bible daily. Third, getting proper rest so we will be physical and mentally alert. These will keep you stable as God brings it to pass.
That is why it is so important to know and remember the vision that God has placed within you, so while you are being prepared and the vision is developing, you wont loose heart, get discouraged or abort. You will know that it is all part of the process and Godís Vision will be accomplished. Just as amazing as it is, how God creates a new life in the womb, and at the appointed time the baby is delivered; This same way, he develops the vision that is to be birthed from you. We donít see how he does it, but he has designed each and everyone of us for his purpose, unique and special. Hold on to the promises and allow God to birth His vision from you.
Ezek 12:23-25, is 66:7, 8, 9, (Seed of Godís purpose, ministry,)
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