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Title : All Of Godís Blessings And Promises Are Yours! By : Pastor Reinhard
When the Holy Spirit begins to reveal to you the abundance of Godís blessings and the fact that you are good enough the way you are right now to receive all of Godís blessings, then you will be set free from all condemnation once and for all. In this article I can only show you a tiny, tiny glimpse of the indescribable blessings that the Lord has already poured out into your life.

Are you hungry for more of Godís blessings in your life? Do you want a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and Godís Spirit? You want to know God better? Do you desire a more vibrant living faith? Do you know what victorious Christian living is all about? Are you still struggling with guilt and condemnation?
I am sure that most of you, my dear friends want to understand the things of God in a new and better way. I am convinced that deep within you, you have this burning desire to experience a new spiritual dimension in your life.
You know itís out there, somewhere Ė but do you think that you are not holy enough yet? Do you believe that you are not good enough? You do not understand the things of God all that good? You are a new Christian?

Well, I have good news for you!
You do not need to wait until you understand God in His fullness. All you have to do is open your heart and your spirit and let the light of God illuminate you from the inside out.

Please read Ephesians 1:15-23
How do you enter in this realm of Godís blessings with all the riches that come with it?
Do you enter through a sharp mind?
Do you enter through a good discussion?
Do you enter by attending Bible school?

NO!! All these things are really not that bad, but first you need to get a present from the God himself:
The Spirit of wisdom and revelation, and open eyes of your heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Spirit of revelation and these open eyes of the heart are presents from the Lord. You can know the whole bible by heart Ė but if God does not give you his Spirit of revelation and open eyes of your heart, it is almost good for nothing.

When you received Christ as your saviour Ė do you still remember that moment? Did you understand everything with your natural mind? Could you explain and perfectly understand Gods Plan of salvation? No you could not! Of course not!

At that moment, when someone told you about Christ and his love for you, in that moment God gave you the Spirit of revelation and he opened the eyes of your heart Ė and because of these gifts, and only because of those gifts could you believe, except him as savoir and know that you will go to heaven when you die or when Jesus returns. At that moment in your life the Spirit of God revealed Godís blessings to you. That is marvellous!

And in the same way, now that you are saved, your whole relationship with Jesus, your desire to live the Christian life, all your experiences that you need, all the miracles and answers to prayer, all your faith-steps, even the urge to witness to you spiritual lost friends is there, because of these gifts of God: The Spirit of Revelation and open eyes of your heart.

Let us look at some very important scripture verses:
Proverbs 20:27: ďThe Spirit of man is the light of the Lord. It penetrates the human spirit...ď
The Light of God is not realised through your senses! God shines into your spirit, into your inner man, the born again spirit.

The Bible declares that we are light in him! The meaning of the Greek here is not the light of a little candle or a little mini-flashlight but that of energy. The energy of God dwells within you! You have heard that little songĒ ďthis little light of mine, Iím going to let it shine...Ē You are not carrying a little light around within you. No! The whole energy of God is within you. What a revelation. I pray that you would let Godís Spirit reveal this, Godís blessing to your heart and Spirit.

Did you get it? You are not just a little new Christian with a little light. All the power and energy of the living God dwells within you. When you receive this revelation from Godís Spirit, that all of Godís promises are there for you to receive, then and only then will you experience truly victorious Christian living. You will be able do all things through Christ who strengthens you. Greater is he who is in you than he who is in the world.
If you want to receive more teachings like this through writings, audio, and video, then sign up for my Spiritual Support Newsletter. It is packed with resources that will uplift and encourage you to live a life of abundance.

Pastor Reinhard enjoys practicing his gift of encouragement. His passion is to lift people out of a spirit of fear, guild and low self-esteem. He wants to help you to enter into a life of joy and fulfillment through the riches of Godís blessings. Sign up for his ďMy Spiritual NewsletterĒ and get his free audio teaching on how to defuse your anger entitled: The Jonah Virus here.
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